BackStrap 17 Gen4-5

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Models: G17 Gen4, G17 Gen5, G22 Gen4, G31 Gen4, G34 Gen4, G34 Gen5, G35 Gen4, G37 Gen4 (includes MOS)

Vier Adapterschalen Sold individually, the Gen 4/5  Back Strap Grip inserts are placed onto the back of the grip to increase the grip size.

The Gen4 Glock comes with a "0" insert which gives the user the standard "SF" size grip.

The "2mm" insert gives the user the standard Glock handgun grip size found on Gen3 Glocks. Additional with beaverrtail. Each kit has four pieces The "4mm" insert gives the user a larger grip....for those with large hands.

The user can attach either a 2mm or 4mm insert to the back of the frame to modify the grip to the size that best suits their needs.

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